This Girl Can : A Fresh Look at Women in Fitness


Sports England,  recently launched a campaign called “ This Girl Can ” to encourage women to get moving. The revelation of their self funded study showed that British females ages 14-40 wanted to be more physically active, but that the overwhelming sense of insecurity took precedent over the actual workout.

We see it a lot in the fitness industry, especially in the time of social media; women looking fabulous lifting weights with their full makeup face on and their hair done perfectly. It’s not a realistic expectation for anyone, much less the ones of us who are sitting at home trying to take that first step into a gym, or a class, or even outside just to walk around the block.

This PSA, should encourage us all to embrace our bodies, and not worry about what we look like when we work out, or even if we are going to be good enough or fast enough.  The point is to get out there and do something, make changes, and not be concerned with what others think !

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Posted by Stacey Travis


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