What Are the Best Boxing Gloves ?


Like a lot of sports, boxing requires special equipment to successfully participate in a match. Boxers wear boxing gloves to protect the hands of the striker, as well as to prevent superficial injuries to the face of their opponent. Consumers should take into consideration several factors when shopping for the best boxing gloves, including for which type of boxing gloves they are looking, which features are important, as well as which top brands are available.

Types of Boxing Gloves

Determining the best boxing gloves available depends in part on the type of boxing gloves for which a consumer is in the market. Boxing gloves differ based on the type of boxing activity, as well as the athlete’s experience level.

Bag Boxing Gloves

Modern bag boxing gloves are full-size, padded gloves that are primarily used in training for hitting the heavy bag. Bag gloves feature dense padding, which allows a user to train for long periods of time while still protecting their wrists and hands from unnecessary damage.

Sparring Boxing Gloves

Sparring gloves are thick gloves with soft padding that boxers primarily use for sparring. Sparring gloves are not as padded as bag gloves but are more lightweight for long training sessions. Manufacturers design sparring gloves to deliver a lighter blow to a boxer’s sparring partner.

Training Boxing Gloves

Training boxing gloves are all-purpose gloves that are useful for beginner boxers and cardio boxers. Consumers can use training gloves for both the heavy bag and sparring. However, because training gloves are typically heavier than bag gloves and not as soft as sparring gloves, serious boxers need to switch them out for their respective counterparts once they start training for long periods of time.

Professional Boxing Gloves

Professional or competition boxing gloves are minimally padded and more compact than other types of boxing gloves. Manufactures have designed professional boxing gloves for short matches between serious fighters. Professional boxing gloves help to deliver quick, hard blows to opponents, and as such, amateurs should not use them.

Features to Look for in the Best Boxing Gloves

Because every individual is unique, there is not one best universal boxing glove model. What makes a product the best in terms of boxing gloves for a specific person depends upon several important factors.

Color & Material

The best boxing gloves come in bright colors that a boxer can clearly see coming towards him or her when worn by an opponent. This is why classic boxing gloves are typically the color red. Consumers should also look for boxing gloves that are made of leather or a synthetic alternative. The right material should allow for a smooth strike and the right amount of slip against a boxer’s target.


As a general rule of thumb, the larger the individual, the heavier the glove should be. That said, the correct boxing glove size also depends upon the glove type and the activity in which a boxer engages. Bag gloves tend to be heaviest and professional gloves the lightest, with training gloves and sparring gloves in between. For example, an adult who weighs between 150 lbs. and 180 lbs. should aim for training gloves between 14 oz. and 16 oz., and sparring gloves between 16 oz. and 18 oz.

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Sporting goods bloggers often determine the best boxing gloves on the market by their brand, as opposed to a specific product. However, each brand has its own advantages and disadvantages.


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