How to Buy Women’s Boxing Gloves ?


As women’s boxing becomes more popular, manufacturers are coming out with boxing equipment better suited to a women’s body. The most important piece of boxing equipment is the boxing glove. Gloves protect the hands from common boxing injuries. Since a third of all boxing injuries occur in the hands, buying boxing gloves that are made to fit a woman’s hand is important for all women who enjoy the sport. This guide provides information on the different types of boxing gloves available for women, important features of modern gloves, how to get fitted for gloves, and how to find women’s boxing gloves online.

Types of Boxing Gloves

Boxing has evolved into far more than fighting in a ring. While some women get into competitive boxing, others choose cardio kickboxing, bag training, and sparring as fantastic ways to keep in shape. For each kind of boxing, there is a specially designed boxing glove. Here are the different types of boxing gloves one commonly finds.

Aerobic Gloves

Aerobic gloves are made for cardiovascular exercises such as aerobic boxing, fitness boxing, and cardio kickboxing. They are padded to protect the wearer’s hands from the impact of bags and focus mitts, but they are not intended for heavy use. They are usually the most inexpensive kind of glove.

Bag Gloves

Bag gloves come in a variety of styles and materials. High quality bag gloves stand up to hard usage for a long time. They are mainly padded on the knuckles, although higher end gloves also provide wrist support. Bag gloves should not be used for training or sparring and are usually lighter than training gloves. Buyers should look for models with a padded thumb.

MMA Gloves

These are gloves made for mixed martial arts fighting. They differ from classic boxing gloves in permitting a larger range of movement for the fingers so that fighters can grapple. MMA gloves are much lighter than other kinds of boxing gloves, and protect the knuckles and wrist while leaving the fingers free. They should be used only for MMA-style boxing.

Training Gloves

Training gloves are made to protect both the boxer’s hands as well as her opponent’s face. Also called sparring gloves, these gloves make it possible to train realistically without suffering heavy damage from blows. Training gloves are often worn in a heavier weight that the boxer would wear in a fight, in order to increase the boxer’s stamina and strength.

Fight Gloves

Fight gloves are made for just one thing: the ring. Fight gloves have much less padding than other gloves in order to maximize the force of a punch on the opponent. Amateur competition gloves come in specific colors with a white knuckle area and weigh between 10 and 12 ounces. Professional competition gloves weigh between 8 and 12 ounces and cost more than other boxing gloves. While they offer great protection, users should not expect them to last as long as training gloves.

Boxing Glove Features

While boxing gloves come in just a few sizes, they can come with an array of features designed for the boxer’s protection. The following features are important not only for the protection of the fighter, but also the protection of the opponent during training.

Thumb lock

The thumb can cause injuries to the opponent’s eyes when not held in the proper position for boxing. To prevent accidental eye gouging, many gloves include a special stiff thumb area which keeps the thumb firmly in its place. This also protects the thumb from common injuries. In contrast, open thumb gloves cover only the other four fingers and leave the thumb free. This feature is commonly found in bag gloves, but for sparring purposes, the buyer should make sure the glove has a thumb lock.

Finger Loops or Grip Bar in Boxing Gloves

Both finger loops and grip bars encourage the fingers to hold the correct position when boxing. Finger loops are found inside the hand cage (the inner part of the glove), and grip bars are found on the outside, on the palm of the glove. These two features may be useful for beginners, because they encourage good technique. Buyers should try on models with and without finger loops or grip bars in order to determine if they are useful features or not.

Leather & Vinyl Gloves

High quality gloves are made from leather although there are some kinds of vinyl today that imitate the good qualities of leather. Beginners can get started with a quality pair of vinyl gloves with good durability and later decide if the more expensive leather gloves are worth the investment. Cardio kickboxing gloves in particular are almost always vinyl, while leather is used for most other kinds of boxing.

Boxing Glove Padding Materials

When considering the materials used in boxing gloves, the old adage ” You get what you pay for, ” is generally true. Higher-priced gloves come with special types of foam padding that have very little ” Memory. ” That means they spring back from an impact instead of staying compacted. Of course this means better protection and durability. Some gloves ( often called ” Puncher’s Gloves ” ) distribute the weight of the padding differently, including more padding on the back near the wrist and less on the knuckles. Two different glove models of the same weight could be padded differently, so buyers should be sure to try boxing gloves on for feel.

Hook & Loop or Laces

Classic boxing gloves are tightened with laces. However, since this can be inconvenient and time consuming for those training alone, many gloves today use hook and loop closures, better known as ” Velcro. ” Athletes who are circuit training often prefer hook and loop closures because the gloves can be put on and taken off quickly. Lace up gloves on the other hand can be tightened better.

Sweat Resistant Inner Lining

When spending a considerable amount on boxing gloves, buyers will want to ensure that they will last as long as possible. Many gloves have sweat resistant or antibacterial linings to make sure that bacteria and fungi don’t take hold of the glove’s interior. Besides the health aspect and the strong smell that can permeate sweaty gloves, water and sweat can break down the padding of the glove over time. Sweat resistant linings allow gloves to dry out quickly.

Properly Fitting Women’s Boxing Gloves

A loose glove is almost as dangerous as no glove at all. Movement inside the glove means there’s room for an injury. On the other hand, gloves that are too tight will be uncomfortable and interfere with the circulation in the hand. For this reason, the fit of the glove is very important.

In general, a women’s small/medium is made for a hand that measures 7 inches around the middle of the hand (the top of the palm), 6.5 inches from the tip of the middle finger to the bottom of the palm, and 6 inches around the wrist. A women’s large/extra large boxing glove is for hands that measure 7.75 inches around the palm, 7.5 inches from top to bottom, and 6.25 inches around the wrist. To find the right size, follow these steps:

  1. Based on the measurements given above, choose either the smaller sizes (S/M) or the large sizes (L/XL) as a starting point.
  2. Tape the hand using a hand wrap.
  3. Try on various models. Choose the smallest glove that is not uncomfortable. Like shoes, gloves will break in over time. A glove that feels a little tight when brand new will break in to a comfortable fit. Gloves that fit correctly when brand new may be too loose after breaking in. Avoid any glove that is uncomfortably tight or one that pinches any finger.

Although the size of a glove generally corresponds to weight, it is not always the case. A woman with a small build may want small gloves with a 14 ounce weight to train with. Likewise, 10 ounce gloves can come in a variety of sizes, depending on their intended use. Competitive boxers should make sure their fight gloves are the correct weight for their weight range.

Finding Women’s Boxing Gloves on :

While trying on different models is important to achieve the best fit, the largest selection and best prices are generally found online. There are several ways to try on various models and still take advantage of deals found online. One way is to go to brick and mortar stores and try on various glove brands and sizes. Specialty stores carry better quality products than general sports stores or department stores. Gloves can also be tried on at boxing gyms. Once you find a brand and size that works, look for it on Another way to find the perfect gloves online is to look for local listings.

Before completing a transaction on it’s a good idea to become familiar with the Buyer Protection Policy which protects the buyer in certain cases where the item arrives damaged or the seller ships the wrong item.


Buying gloves that fit properly is very important for all women who get into the sport of boxing. While women are a growing minority of boxers, many manufacturers do make boxing gloves specially designed for women’s hands. Before buying a pair of boxing gloves, a woman should know about the different types of gloves available, modern boxing glove technology, and how to achieve a good fit. By trying on various models and following the recommendations in this guide, women can find the perfect gloves for their needs and find great deals online.


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