What Are the Benefits of Bicycle Gloves ?

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Bike gloves are more than just a fashion statement. Whether you are new to cycling or an experienced cyclist, they provide many benefits. There are two types of bike gloves. Half finger gloves are recommended for warm weather, while full finger gloves are recommended for cold weather. You can drastically improve your overall riding experience by using proper equipment, including bike gloves.

1. Protection

Cyclists can get blisters from gripping handlebars for long periods. Blisters can bring discomfort and may even prevent you from riding until they heal. This is where bike gloves come in: With support and padding around your palms, blisters will be minimal to non existent. Bike gloves also protect you from cuts, scrapes and bruises if a fall or crash occurs.

2. Comfort

Another benefit bike gloves provide is comfort. If you enjoy riding year round, they are almost a necessity. They keep your hands dry in wet weather, and warm in cold weather. Full finger gloves usually have more insulation than half finger gloves.

3. Grip

Gripping your bike with tired, sweaty hands is not only difficult but also dangerous. Fatigue and moisture can easily cause you to lose control. Bike gloves are usually made of leather or synthetic leather, which provides a better grip than your bare hands. Gloves absorb sweat and moisture so your hands stay dry. Bike gloves are designed to keep your grip tight around the handlebars so you have as much control of the bike as possible.

4. Numbness

Riding a bike for a long time can make your hands numb. Known as cyclist palsy, it’s quite common, and results from nerve injury that causes difficulty with pinching and other fine finger movements. It occurs when there is too much pressure applied to the hands’ sensitive nerves. Bike gloves help absorb any shock and pressure that could lead to numbness. Gloves with extra padding work best for preventing cyclist palsy.


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