Wrist Weights Vs. Weighted Gloves


Adding wrist weights to your cardio can increase calorie burn.

Adding weights of 1 to 3 pounds to cardio activities can increase your heart rate by five to ten beats per minute and increase calorie burn by about 5 to 15 percent. Wrist weights can be an effective way to add weight to activities like walking or step aerobics. Weighted gloves can be used to add weight to boxing and kickboxing type workouts. Perform a light warm up before incorporating additional weight into your cardio routine.

Wrist Weights

Working out with wrist weights gives you the resistance of hand weights while allowing your hands to stay free. Velcro straps adjust the weight around your wrists to provide an even distribution of weight around your arms. This lets you continue your normal arm motions during your aerobic activities. When choosing wrist weights, begin with a light weight that allows you to move your arms freely without putting too much pressure on your shoulder joints.

Weighted Gloves

Weighted gloves are used for activities that involve punching variations. The added weight of the gloves is contained in the back of your hands. This keeps the weights in place during jabs, hooks and upper cuts. Since punching moves are already performed with a certain amount of velocity, the weight in these gloves is usually very light. Most weighted gloves will keep your hand in a fixed position, which prevents you from using your hands freely during exercise. However, some designs do allow your fingers to be free, offering an alternative to the typical weighted glove.


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