The Best Workout Gloves With Wrist Support

Workout gloves prevent the development of calluses on your hands, provide a sure grip when you are sweating and protect your hands and fingers. The best gloves also support your wrists to prevent injury. Good gloves can also help you lift heavier weights, increasing the intensity of your workout.

New Grips

New Grips neoprene gloves are a nontraditional glove featuring a pad for the entire palm and fingers. They are open on the back with only a strap across the back of the hand. It is easy to slip your hands out of the gloves for other exercises while still leaving the wrist strap fastened. The wrist strap is heavy duty and fastens snugly with a hook and loop tape tab pulled through a metal loop. The glove equalizes pressure across your hand. Gloves are purchased according to your wrist and hand measurements.


The Schiek company makes a number of fine-quality gloves with wrist supports, including the Platinum 520, 530 and 540 and the Power Series 425. All gloves feature Schiek’s patented FINS removal system: raised fins sewn on the top of each finger, which allow you to pull the glove off. These gloves feature padding in the thumb and palm and are made from synthetic leather. Wrist support is provided by a strap that closes with a hook-and-loop-tape tab. Schiek gloves are available in six sizes from X-Small to XX-Large and are purchased according to your hand measurement.


Harbinger makes a number of different styles of gloves for both men and women. Popular styles with wrist support include the Big Grip II WW, WW Training Grip and Classic WW for men and the Training Grip Wrist Wrap for women. Women’s gloves feature shorter fingers for reduced bulk. Gloves provide cushioning for the palm and fingers and are available in washable leather; some feature an antimicrobial Lycra insert. Gloves are lined to wick sweat away from the hands and feature a traction pad on the palms. Wrist support is provided by a strap that closes with a hook and loop tape tab.


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