Loss of bone density and weakened muscles are common problems that come with age and could potentially lead to injuries in our joints. Here are three steps to keep our joints strong:

(1) Exercise regularly
Improve bone density and maintain mobility through regular physical activity like walking, running and cycling.

(2) Use movements in your training that strengthen and build muscles around your joints.
For example, squats are great for your legs. A Personal Trainer at your club would be able to give you more tips for the other parts of your body.

(3) Strengthen your core. 
Your core doesn’t just consist of muscles in your abdominal region – collectively, it describes the muscles that control your spine, specifically your abdominals, waist, pelvis and back. When your core muscles work and move in harmony, they provide essential spinal stability that contributes to good posture and lower risk pains in this region of your body. Exercises that will strengthen your core include curl up, plank and side plank.


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