After an entire day spent at work / school, exercising (working out) and many other activities, we need to sleep and rest. Did you know that approximately a third of your life is spent sleeping? And did you know that amount of energy saved each time you sleep is insignificant? In a typical 8 hours of sleep, your body uses about 50kcal or the amount of energy needed to eat a piece of toast!

We have to sleep in order to develop and maintain normal levels of cognitive abilities such as speech, memory, and creativity. In fact, sleep is absolutely essential in maintaining the normal and healthy functions of our brain.

Lack of Sleep
People who do not get enough sleep become sluggish, irritable, grouchy and forgetful. Evidently, lack of sleep has serious effects on our brains with sleep deprivation resulting in the inability to focus and concentrate, or having a shorter attention span compared to when we are fully rested.

Exercise and Rest
Studies have found that testosterone and growth hormones are produced in greater levels when we rest for short to moderate periods; this is, of course, dependant on how many sets we perform and how much weight we use.

Including recovery time into any training program is important because it is during that period your body adapts to the physical exertion of the exercises you perform and the real training effects take place. Recovery also allows your body to replenish its energy and repair damaged tissues. Exercise or any other physical activities cause changes in your body such as muscle tissue breakdown and depletion of stored energy units (mostly in the form of muscle glycogen) as well as fluid loss. Having a good rest is also an integral part of balancing all domains of your life with work and all other types of activity.

So make time to get enough sleep that prepares your body to face another day!

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