Our heart is among the most essential of our body’s organs and it’s important to never ignore its health. To have a healthier heart and prevent cardio diseases, nutritionists suggest consuming more fiber.

A study published by the British Medical Journal reveals that those that have suffered from heart diseases have more significant healing progress with sufficient fiber consumption. The study further inscribes that every 10 gram of daily fiber consumption will decrease the risk of heart disease by an average of 15%. Fiber in one’s diet help to normalize blood pressure and cholesterol.

Fiber can be found in various foods, including fruits, vegetables, beans, and cereal products. Fruits like banana and apple, vegetables like carrot, potato, wheat bread and cereal are some good fiber sources. A potato with a serving of baked beans contains 10 grams of fibers, while two pieces of wheat bread have about 4 grams.

A low fiber diet can lead to issues like constipation and intestinal problems. It has also been implicated of as a major trigger of many heart diseases. When one considers that many dietary studies have found that the average person consume less fiber than their body’s requirements, time to start loading up!

(Source : adapted from Victoria Taylor, British Heart Foundation)


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