During physical activities , especially exercise, your body loses fluid through sweat – whether you’re exercising outdoors or an indoor air-conditioned environment.  If you do not regularly replenish the fluids your body has lost through sweating, it could lead to muscle cramps (particularly during hot weather).

Signs you need to look out for that indicate you’re dehydrated:

(1) Thirst
(2) Dryness of the mouth
(3) Dizziness
(4) Weakness of the muscles
(5) Faster heart rate
(6) Lower production of urine that also appears darker (remember: the clearer, the better)

Severe dehydration could lead to fainting.

Dehydration care during exercise:

(1) Stop exercising immediately if you experience dizziness. If you’re exercising outdoors and in hot weather, move quickly to a shady place, rest and hydrate.
(2) Change into a new dry set of clothes if your current set is wet from sweating.
(3) Consume fluids mixed with a little sugar and electrolytes. Sip / drink slowly, until any pain is gone and the color of your urine turns clear.
(4) In event of cramps, slowly stretch the affected muscle to soften it while massaging gently.
(5) If you feel dizzy or faint, lay supine and lift your lower limbs (feet, knees and calves) until they are positioned higher than your heart.

Stay safe so you can keep enjoying great workouts !


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